Meet Henry

Henry is a proximity based marketing platform which connects consumers and merchants by curating relevant experiences for users based on location, preferences and users actions.


The Henry platform consists of a consumer app and merchant administration panel underpinned by a scalable recommendations engine, and a third party integration API to support bookings and payments.

The consumer App is a mobile companion which learns behaviours and preferences through engagement with the app’s curated daily offers and clever Q&A features to learn preferences.

Through the aggregation of user preference data, behavioural data, time, location, weather and other third party sources, the recommendation engine presents the most relevant and contextual offers or message from the merchant panel.


The Merchant Administration panel allows businesses with multiple land based distribution outlets to manage time of day, day of week offers across various redemption methods by store in their network. The targeting features provide businesses with the ability to target users within a certain radius or communicate to a customer base in certain regions, to increase patronage and loyalty.



In 2015, Telstra launched Telstra Treats, a location based offers platform built on the Henry Platform. The Henry platform was used as an aggregator of merchants to initially provide Telstra customers with a unique offer discovery proposition and to build more frequent positive connections with customers.

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