Online franchise retailing of replica furniture products in the Middle East.

Replica by Life is a Dubai and Australian based design, import studio and online retailer focused on delivering fashionable, contemporary furniture to style-minded customers.

Following the success of Life Interiors in the Middle East, the brand decided to expand its portfolio of replica designer products with a new brand Replica by Life. ORMEA once again expanded the franchise with a unique Ecommerce website to bring these furniture products directly to the customers in the Middle East region.

Unique solution:

ORMEA completed the initial franchise development and consulting for Life Interiors Australia, and launched the Replica by Life brand Online in the Middle East through an Ecommerce website

ORMEA manages all aspects of the franchise in the region right from website development and product procurement to logistics and order fulfillment. Replica by Life benefits from ORMEA’s franchise experience, local expertise and product know how to see huge benefits in building its brand online in the Middle East.

Now, with strong financial performance and a “hot” prospect for growth, ORMEA is truly excited to watch this brand grow and prosper due to its contributions.

Project Scope

Online Franchise Development
Ecommerce Retailing
Franchise Management in the Middle East

Website Unique Features

  • Magento Ecommerce platform.

  • CMS system for managing and updating products .

  • Custom module development.

  • Integration with Netsuite ERP, Payment Processing and Logistics.