Website design based on Magento Ecommerce platform.

Streetscape is a premium provider of solutions for the urban environment. Encompassing urban design solutions, specific street equipment solutions and complete street upgrade programs, Streetscape has implemented urban infrastructure projects across the streets of the world’s most iconic cities such as Sydney, Barcelona and Dubai.

With it’s focus on reaching out to a wider target market and showcasing its products and extensive partner projects in an innovative way, Streetscape approached ORMEA to revamp its online presence.

Unique solution:

ORMEA designed a new website for Streetscape based on the Magento Platform with specific customizations to allow listing of its extensive product range and project portfolio.

The new website allows for easy updation of its products and services and allows for new features such as request for quotes and user accounts for accessing detailed specifications.

Project included

Ecommerce Web Development
CMS Platform customization
Custom Module development
Unique Website Features
  • Magento Ecommerce platform.

  • Customizations for displaying product and partner catalogues.

  • CMS system for updating and managing products and content.

  • Custom Modules for Request for Quote and Product Specifications.